How to record Movies & Shows on Frndly TV? [Only 2 Steps]

Frndly TV offers its users to record every show and movie. But this is only available on its classic and premium plans. Frndly TV does not offer cloud DVR hours with its basic plan. The best part is that the storage is unlimited. But you have to note that the recordings expire after three months with the Classic plan whereas the recordings expire in nine months with the Premium plan. With both the plans that are the classic and the premium you will get the freedom to fast forward and rewind your recordings. If in case you forget to set a recording, you can still watch recent shows or movies with Frndly TV’s 72-hour Look Back feature. But you have to note that fast-forwarding is not allowed in the look-back feature. 

The 72 hours look back content can be easily found under the movies and TV section. Also, you get an option to record a single episode or all episodes. Now for this when you select a program from the live guide you will see the record option. And if that respective program is a part of the series here you will get the option to choose to record only one episode or all episodes. So in this article, we will be discussing how you can record on Frndly TV. Make sure that you read the below-mentioned things carefully and follow the steps given below. 

Here are some tips and tricks to record your favorite TV shows and movies on Frndly TV

Finding & Record Upcoming Movies or TV Show 

There are several different ways to record your favorite shows and movies. If you want to find an upcoming movie premieres you can just click on the ‘Movies’ option. Then just scroll down and then select the ‘Coming soon’ option.

Finding & Record Upcoming Movies or TV Show 1

When you scroll right you will be able to see all the upcoming movie premieres. Then just click on the movie whichever you want and select the ‘Confirm recording’ option.

Finding & Record Upcoming Movies or TV Show 2

The coming soon set your DVR list is also available for upcoming shows but under the TV section. If you want to record the whole series just find the show that you would like to record. Since the storage is unlimited you can record as many shows and movies as you want. 

How to Browse and look for Movies & Shows to Record?

If you are not sure what you want to watch you can just go to the guide and browse the movies and shows available. Then select any movie or show that appeals to you. If you want to see your recordings then just go to the ‘My recordings’ tab present at the top of the screen.

How to Browse and look for Movies & Shows to Record?

Here you will be able to see all of your recorded movies and TV shows. Here it will not be a hassle to find the show or movie you are looking for as the recorded content is grouped as movies, shows ad whether it has aired or not. 

How to find that particular recording you are looking for?

If you are not able to find the respective recording that you are looking for then you can simply down to the TV show tab under the ‘My recording’ section. There you will see options to sort by ‘Oldest episode’ and ‘Newest Episode’. 

How to find that particular recording you are looking for

Finding recordings when you have downloaded them from your favorite network

If you have recorded from your favorite network if you go to either the movie or TV tab and if you scroll to the network menu then you can select your favorite network and then just scroll to the bottom to see the recordings from that particular network. Here you can also record your other favorites. 

New Cloud DVR Features on Frndly TV

  1. You can record as many movies and TV shows as you want since the storage is unlimited for both the classic and premium plans.
  2. Frndly TV allows you to record movies and TV at any time and from anywhere. You can also record multiple movies and shows simultaneously from any Frndly TV device and watch them from anywhere. 
  3. The Frndly TV allows you to fast forward through the ads which eventually saves time. It also enables you to fast forward, pause or even rewind the content including the ads. 
  4. There are no restrictions on recording live channels. So you can easily record all the live channels without any restrictions. 

So we have covered the tips and tricks through which you can easily record and look for your favorite recordings. We have also covered the features of DVR cloud hours. So make sure that you go through the tips and tricks and sit back and enjoy watching your recorded movies and TV shows anytime and anywhere.