What is MGM+? | MGM Plus Review 2023

What is MGM plus: MGM+ is a streaming service that was formerly a premium cable network known as Epix. So basically Epix has been relaunched as MGM+. MGM+ gives you access to everything from original scripted documents and series, films, and all original titles, to all the Hollywood classics! There are about 250 movies that you can watch with your subscription. If you are someone who loves horror films then this is the place for you as MGM+ gives you access to original horror films that are only available on this streaming service produced by the Blum house production. 

How much does MGM+ cost? 

When it comes to pricing MGM+ has only one standard membership plan which is priced at $5.99 every month. But there is a limited-time offer through which you can get access to MGM+ at$49.99 per year! But you also have to note that MGM+ costs $5.99 per month only when you sign up directly through MGM+. But when you sign up through your cable provider or any other digital provider then the price might vary. Also, MGM+ offers a free 7-day trial when you sign up for the monthly plan and once this free trial comes to an end you will be charged $5.99 per month. 

What can you watch on MGM Plus

What can you watch on MGM+?

The relaunch of MGM+ is coinciding with the premiere of the second season of Godfather of Harlem which stars Forest Whitaker and comes from the director of Narcos. The second season of FROM is in the pipeline of MGM+ airing on the 23rd of April which was previously premiered on Epix. The premieres of Murf the Surf are on the 5th of February and A Spy amongst friends on the 12th of March. Furthermore, the MGM+ executives have announced a brand new slate of original series and documentaries that are all set to premiere. 

These include Hotel cocaine, San Francisco sounds which is a docuseries, Rogue Heroes, Billy the kid season 2, the Emperor of Ocean Park, Hoodlum, Earth Abides, American classic, ARK, Hollywood black which is another docuseries, Hot stuff, the Devil within, Wonderland Murders and the Secret History of Hollywood are some docuseries as well. MGM+ also has a huge library of films from MGM studios and other major Hollywood studios. When this service launches, recent blockbusters include ones like Top Gun: Maverick, classics like the Silence of the lambs, and fan favorites No time to die, House of Gucci, and Licorice Pizza. In addition to all these, MGM franchises including James Bond, Rocky, and the Pink Panther will also be available to stream on MGM+. 

MGM+ Channels & Add-on

So you can subscribe to MGM + through their streaming service or you can get it as an add-on channel through Amazon Prime where is it most marketed right now as MGM+ is bought by Amazon. Or you can also get your hands on MGM+ with your cable package where you get the cable channels that were previously known as Epix as well as access to their streaming. Now you must be thinking about what happened to those channels. So those channels still exist but they are marketed as MGM+ as well. 

So here are the channels –

  • MGM+ now which was formerly known as Epix.
  • MGM + Hits now which was formerly known as Epix 2.
  • MGM+ Marquee now which was formerly known as Epix hits.
  • MGM+ Drive-In now which was formerly known as Epix Drive-In. 

So if you have subscribed to MGM+ then you will be able to watch all these four channels on their app as well. If you are looking to watch content in 4K then MGM + has a very limited selection. There are just a few movies and TV shows that you can watch but there are some for example the films from Paramount which you can watch in 4K on other platforms but not on MGM +. There is support for offline downloads, as well as parental controls, available. 

But you have to remember that they do not have individual profiles. One of the drawbacks of MGM+ is that it has a good selection of movies but the thing is that it is almost similar to Amazon Prime and Paramount. So if you have already subscribed to Amazon prime and Paramount plus then this might overlap. But otherwise, it has great shows. So now we have covered everything that you needed to know before subscribing to MGM +. So make sure that you think about the things mentioned, weigh those, and see what suits you!

(The information in this article is published as of 17th Feb 2023. The cost of the plans, movies, and shows available might vary in the near future)