SiriusXM Channel Lineup 2024 (350+ channels)


SiriusXM Music Channel Lineup
Channel NameChannel Number
’70s & ’80s Super Party Hits704
’70s/’80s Smooth-Sailing Soft Rock311
’80s & ’90s Party Hits705
’80s on 8 Top 500 Countdown!551
’90s/2000s Dance Hits341
All Your Favorite Disney Hits302
Americana, Roots & Folk Music359
Asian Hits by 88rising 24/7305
Ballads in Spanish & English762
Bon Jovi and Jon’s Other Faves709
Canada’s Biggest Rock Hits758
Carolina R&B Beach Music701
Classic Rock Top 1000553
Classic Salsa767
Classical Pops745
Country Bar Songs350
Cuban Music with Chucho Valdés760
Dwight Yoakam’s Music Channel349
Eclectic Rock710
Emerging Hip-Hop & Stars XL724
Emotionally Driven Alt Rock713
First-generation Indie Rock714
Francophone Holiday Music753
French ’80s/’90s Pop-Rock Hits756
French Canadian Hits759
Happy Songs for a Celebration718
Hip-Hop’s Top 500556
Jam Bands309
Latin Jazz766
Latin Love Songs764
Latin Rock768
Latin Urban Music765
Love Songs708
Marky Ramone’s Classic Punk712
Miles Davis Music 24/7747
Modern Punk314
Music to Drive to!301
Music to Energize Your Soul304
Non-Stop Classic Rock715
Nonstop Hip-Hop Mixes XL723
One-Hit Wonders, 24/7702
Opera/Classical Vocals355
Party Songs from the ’50s & ’60s703
Pop Hits of the ’90s & 2000s754
Pop Music You Can Move to303
Recent Live Music716
Regional Mexican Music761
Reimagined Pop & Rock Classics706
Rock & Roll Jukebox Songs313
Rock Hall Inducted Artists310
SiriusXM’s Country Top 1000558
Smooth R&B Love Songs330
Songs Andy Cohen Loves312
Steve Aoki’s Favorite Remixes735
Sway’s Lifestyle Channel XL720
The Coolest Songs in the World!721
The Tragically Hip Radio757
Today’s Latin Pop Hits763
Tom Petty’s Buried Treasure, 24/7711
Top 500 ’90s Hits of All Time552
Top 500 Pop Hits Countdown550
Traditional Holiday Music776
Trance & Progressive Dance736
Whole Lotta RHCP on SiriusXM315


SiriusXM POP Channel Lineup
Channel NameChannel Number
50s Pop Hits72
’90s & 2000s Pop15
’90s/2000s Pop & Rock Hits12
All ’60s Hits73
Elvis 24/7 Live from Graceland75
Fresh Music Vibes6
Hot Latin Hits151
Mellow Classic Rock17
Nice & Easy Pop16
Pop Hits from the 2000s10
Pop Hits from the 2010s11
Pop Hits with American Top 407
Pop Hits with Downtown Julie Brown9
Pop Hits with Original MTV VJs8
Today’s Adult Hits5
Today’s Pop Hits2
Today’s Trending Hits from Pandora XL3
Trending Sounds from TikTok XL4
Worldwide Rhythmic Hits13


SiriusXM ROCK Channel Lineup
Channel NameChannel Number
24/7 Dave Matthews Band30
’60s/’70s Classic Rock26
’70s/’80s Classic Rock25
’80s Hair Metal & Glam39
’90s Alternative/Grunge34
’90s/2000s Hard Rock XL41
Bob’s Music/Family Recordings19
Bruce Springsteen, 24/720
Classic Alternative33
Classic Rock Meets New Rock28
Deep Classic Album Rock27
Escape to Margaritaville24
Grateful Dead, 24/723
Heavy Metal XL40
Indie & Beyond35
Little Steven’s Garage Rock21
Music from Rock Icon Tom Petty31
New Alternative Rock36
New Hard Rock37
Ozzy’s Classic Hard Rock38
Pearl Jam, 24/722
The Fab Four, 24/818
The Phish Universe on SiriusXM29
The Whole World of U232


SiriusXM HIP-HOP Channel Lineup
Channel NameChannel Number
’70s/’80s R&B50
’90s & 2000s Hip-Hop/R&B XL47
Adult R&B Hits48
Classic Soul/Motown49
Eminem’s Hip-Hop Channel XL45
Hip-Hop Hits XL44
Hot R&B and Hip-Hop46
LL COOL J’s Classic Hip-Hop XL43
Music Culture by Drake XL42


SiriusXM Dance Channel Lineup
Channel NameChannel Number
’70s − 2000s Dance Hits54
Diplo’s Global House Party52
Downtempo/Deep House53
Electronic Dance Music Hits51


SiriusXM Country Channel Lineup
Channel NameChannel Number
2000s Country Hits61
’80s/’90s Country Hits58
Garth’s Music & Songs He Loves55
Kenny Chesney’s Music Channel57
Music That Won’t Be Fenced In60
Today’s Country Hits56
Willie’s Classic Country59


SiriusXM Christian Channel Lineup
Channel NameChannel Number
Christian Pop & Rock63
Kirk Franklin’s Gospel Channel64
Southern Gospel65


SiriusXM JAZZ / CLASSICAL Channel Lineup
Channel NameChannel Number
’40s Pop Hits/Big Band71
B.B. King’s Blues Channel74
Classic Jazz67
Classical Music76
Easy Listening69
New Age68
Show Tunes77
Smooth/Contemporary Jazz66
Standards by Sinatra & More70


SiriusXM Family Channel Lineup
Channel NameChannel Number
Kids’ Music78
Pop Hits Sung by Kids for Kids77


SiriusXM Religion Channel Lineup
Channel NameChannel Number
Christian Talk131
Talk for Saints and Sinners129

Traffic & Weather

SiriusXM Traffic & Weather Channel Lineup
Channel NameChannel Number
Traffic & Weather133-136

Give SiriusXM Traffic & Weather channel lineup for – New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Chicago, Detroit, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Los Angeles


SiriusXM Sport Channel Lineup
Channel NameChannel Number
ACC Talk & Play-by-Play 24/7371
Big 12 & Play-by-Play 24/7375
Big Ten Talk & Play-by-Play 24/7372
College Sports Play-by-Play & More953-994
College Sports Talk/Play-by-Play84
Combat Sports Talk156
ESPN Podcasts370
Fantasy Sports Talk87
Get Up!, First Take, and SportsCenter81
Golf Talk & Play-by-Play 24/792
Live MLB® Play-by-Play175-189
Live MLB® Play-by-Play840-869
Live NBA Play-by-Play212-217
Live NBA Play-by-Play880-909
Live NCAA Play-by-Play190-200
Live NFL Play-by-Play125-134
Live NFL Play-by-Play800-831
Live NHL® Play-by-Play219-223
Live NHL® Play-by-Play920-951
Mad Dog Russo, Morning Men82
MLB® Talk & Play-by-Play 24/789
NASCAR® Talk & Races 24/790
NBA Talk & Play-by-Play 24/786
NFL Talk & Play-by-Play 24/788
NHL® Talk & Play-by-Play 24/791
NTT INDYCAR® Series Racing160
Pac-12 Talk & Play-by-Play 24/7373
SEC Talk & Play-by-Play 24/7374
Soccer Talk & Play-by-Play157
Sports Gaming Information159
Sports Talk from ESPN80
Sports Talk News & Opinions85
Sports Talk, Jim Rome158
The Herd/Undisputed/Live Games83

Howard Stern

SiriusXM Howard Stern Channel Lineup
Channel NameChannel Number
The Howard Stern Show 100
The World of Howard Stern101


SiriusXM Comedy Channel Lineup
Channel NameChannel Number
All-Time Greatest Comedians XL94
Classic Stand-Up Comedy772
Comedy Central Uncensored XL95
Comedy for the Entire Family98
Great American Comedy XL97
Just for Laughs Canada XL168
Netflix Standup & Talk XL93
One and Only George Carlin770
Standup & Talk with Kevin Hart XL96
The Best Uncensored Comedy XL99
The Funniest Female Comedians771


SiriusXM Canadian Channel Lineup
Channel NameChannel Number
Canadian Current Affairs167
Canadian Indie Music First162
Final Sports Scores and Info172
Francophone Country Folk166
Francophone Pop163
New & Emerging Indie/Alt-Rock173
New Canadian Country171
Radio-Canada News & Info170
The New Indie Pop Alternative174


SiriusXM Entertainment Channel Lineup
Channel NameChannel Number
Andy Cohen & Pop Culture XL102
Business Radio132
Classic Radio Shows148
Jim & Sam/Bennington/Bonfire XL103
Megyn Kelly, Dr. Laura & More111
Messages of Hope128
Musically Speaking106
Pop Culture and Lifestyle Talk XL109
Real Doctors, Real People110
The TODAY Show – On The Go108
Trucking Talk146

News / Public Radio

SiriusXM News / Public Radio Channel Lineup
Channel NameChannel Number
Agriculture/Western Lifestyle147
Business News119
Canada’s #1 Radio News Source169
CNBC Simulcast112
CNN & HLN Original Series121
CNN Simulcast116
FOX Business Simulcast113
FOX News Headlines, 24/7115
FOX News Simulcast114
HLN Simulcast117
Independent Public Radio123
MSNBC Simulcast118
NPR News & Conversation122
World News120


SiriusXM Politics Channel Lineup
Channel NameChannel Number
Conservative Talk125
Politics from All Perspectives124
Progressive Talk127
Talk that Empowers126

News, Talk & Entertainment

SiriusXM News Channel Lineup
SiriusXM Entertainment Channel Lineup
Channel NameChannel Number
CNN’s 24-Hour Spanish-language News795
C-SPAN Live Simulcast455
Messages from Billy Graham460
News from Around the World454
Pop Culture Recaps and Specials790
Solid Catholic Talk130
The Hidden Side of Everything791
Your Trusted Voice on Money792


SiriusXM More Channel Lineup
Channel NameChannel Number
Asian Television Network796
Christian Hip-Hop Music & Talk154
HBCU Excellence in Education142
HUR Voices, for the People141
Korean Music and News144
Korean Music and News144
Live Hispanic Talk153
Sports and Entertainment Talk145
Where Music is Born152

SiriusXM Limited Edition

SiriusXM Limited-Run Channels Channel Lineup

SiriusXM Home for Limited-Run Channels List – 501, 502, 503, 504, 505, 506, 507, 508, 509, 510, 511, 512

Note – XL Channels may include frequent explicit language or mature programming.

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