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RCN Internet + TV Channel Lineup by City 2024

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RCN cable has a no agreement policy and is available in selected states like Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, and more. However, RCN cable has an agreement that is valid up till the date of expiry of the current chosen pack. This allows the subscribers to have a sense of freedom and transparency and in fact, it attracts more customers via word of mouth.

Since it is available in selected States, the prices of packs and the add-ons may vary depending upon the location. RCN cable continued to deliver complaint-free services throughout the pandemic to help people enjoy and relax in those trying and dying times. RCN stands for Residential Communications Network. They are an unrestricted television network.

Though RCN cable does not impose any associated fees, some expenses are not included in the membership pricing. Maintenance, extra devices, any upgrades, and vat are all extra costs. RCN cable has partnered with TiVo to provide the highest quality material to the public, including a 2160p 4k resolution and interactive charts. The voice-activated controller even includes presets for playing games and opening certain apps. A real DVR is also included in the package.

RCN TV Pros and Cons


  • No contract policy
  • Uninterrupted high-speed internet
  • Yearly plans include additional monthly subscriptions for free.
  • Various plans to pick from based on the location
  • All-in-one package


  • Have to purchase internet plans mandatorily
  • Installation fees are required
  • Less choice of TV plans