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Textlocal Basic Features & Service

Textlocal SMS Basic Features & Service
SMS Services Transactional, Promotional, Bulk SMS
Supported Languages English & 34 Others
Custom Sender ID Yes
SMS Scheduling Yes
SMS Tracking Yes
SMS Analytics Yes
All Reports Yes
API Integration Yes

Textlocal Pricing & Free Credit

Textlocal SMS Pricing & Discounts
Text SMS $0.0075
Picture SMS $0.0075
Trial Period/ Free Credit No
Purchase Validity

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Textlocal Add on Features & Service

Textlocal SMS Add On Features & Service
Add On services Excel to SMS Plugin
Magento Extension
WordPress Plugin
Features SMS Attachments, Track SMS Campaigns, WhatsApp Business Solution, Email to SMS Gateway, Mobile Surveys and Forms, Vouchers, Tickets & Loyalty Cards, Mobile Web Page Creator, Missed Call Numbers & Dual VMNs

Textlocal API Developers Facility

Textlocal API Doc
Programming Languages PHP, Node, Python, Ruby, Java, C#,  .NET, JS, Perl
Textlocal API Documentation Textlocal API Doc

Textlocal WordPress Plugin

Textlocal Free WordPress Plugin List
Textlocal Paid WordPress Plugin List
  • Currently no WordPress plugin available

Textlocal Supported Country

Textlocal supported 10+ countries worldwide also support their regional languages.

Textlocal Supported Country
India Italy
Denmark Netherlands
Finland Norway
France Portugal
Germany Spain
Iceland Sweden
Ireland United Kingdom

Textlocal Review

Textlocal was founded in 2005, it offers Bulk SMS Gateways with API Integrations. It was one of the first to provides an attachment facility with its SMS gateways. It has won various awards in SMS marketing arena.

It serves about 222,000 Business as of now. About 1bn+ SMS are sent from their platform. It has quite a premium clientelle with Intel, DLF to name a few. It provides with features like SMS attachment, Tracking, Whatsapp API, EMail to SMS Gateways.

It also provides support for integration & other related queries. You can use Textlocal for various purposes such as Mobile Surveys, Vouchers, Etc.

Who Can Use Textlocal SMS Services

Enterprise Education
Marketing Financial Services
Customer Service Startups
NGOs & Community Groups Retail and E-commerce

Textlocal Support & Social Media Handler

Textlocal Social Media Handler-

Textlocal Discounts & Textlocal Coupon

Textlocal Discounts Model- Volume Discount

No of SMS Price per SMS
1k-2k SMS 27.0 paisa
5k-10k SMS 25.0 paisa
25k SMS 22.5 paisa