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Clicktell Basic Features & Service

Clicktell SMS Basic Features & Service
SMS Services Transactional, Promotional
Supported Languages English, Unicode
Custom Sender ID Yes
SMS Scheduling Yes
SMS Tracking Yes
SMS Analytics Yes
All Reports Yes
API Integration Yes

Clicktell Pricing & Free Credit

Clicktell SMS Pricing & Discounts
Text SMS $0.00076
Trial Period/ Free Credit No
Purchase Validity

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Clicktell Add on Features & Service

Clicktell SMS Add On Features & Service
Add On services Flow
Chat banking
Chat commerce
Chat Self-Service
Features Short Codes
Long Numbers
SMS Tracking
Campaign Scheduler
2-Way communication
Enterprise Integrations

Clicktell API Developers Facility

Clicktell API Doc
Programming Languages PHP, Node, Python, Java, C#
Clicktell API Documentation Clicktell API Doc

Clicktell WordPress Plugin

Clicktell Free WordPress Plugin List
Clicktell Paid WordPress Plugin List

Clicktell Supported Country

Clicktell supported 200+ countries worldwide.

Clicktell Review

Clickatell is a leading global communications platform revolutionizing the communication industry with innovation & technology. They focus on helping businesses foster connection & communication with their customers. They believe in the world with customer satisfaction & delights are the norm. They have clients from various industries like IMDB, CITRIX, IKEA, SPUR, ERICSSON, etc.

They have served diverse industries such as E-commerce, CRM, Security, Social media, Finance, Chat, Gaming, etc. They have provided various features like Campaign manager where you can scheduler your campaign as well as track the SMS activity. They support Custom SnedID for personalization & Branding. They also support Shortcodes & Long numbers. They allow 2-way communication where you can actively communicate with your customers.

They also help you with enterprise integrations for bigger businesses. They have various Addons like Chat banking, WhatsApp API, Touch, FLow, Transact, Chat commerce, Chat Self-Service, etc. They also provide SMS API for developers.

Who Can Use Clicktell SMS Services

Enterprise Education
Marketing Financial Services
Customer Service Startups

Clicktell Support & Social Media Handler

Clicktell Social Media Handler-

Clicktell SMS Discounts & Twilio SMS Coupon

Clicktell Discounts Model- Volume Discount

No of SMS Price per SMS
First 10K SMS $0.00076
First 50K SMS $0.00076
First 100K SMS $0.00076

Prices may vary over time